Our amazing organization is made up of numerous parent volunteers and each month the PTA would like to recognize a few individuals who you may not know are working behind the scenes for your students and their school.  These are some faces you should get to know:)


Heather Kirschner

Heather is our VP of Student Programs. She is the mom of two wonderful boys and a dedicated volunteer who is always willing to help. Her role includes organizing and facilitating After School Enrichment, running the Reflections competition, booking school assemblies, and many other PTA activities that happen during school hours. Most notably, she was a co producer in the creation of our new website. If you see Heather, please thank her for her hard work!

Thank you Heather!


Kristine Quann

Kristine is an all around volunteer extraordinaire! As a mom of three amazing children, you can imagine that this former PTA president is spread pretty thin with activities. Despite that, Kristine is a room parent, Girl Scout Troop-leader, active in her church, serves on the PTA board at Short Pump Middle School, and runs the spirit wear sales here at CTES. Being a former teacher, she is also a huge advocate for all students in our community. Thank her for being a part of the school's success! 

Thank you Kristine!


Blair Parker

Blair, another mom of three great kids, not only works as a labor and delivery nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, but also serves as a chairperson for promoting grocery rewards and SchoolKidz supply kits. Over the summer, she meticulously tracks and delivers the kits to each classroom, making sure all the students have what they need. She has volunteered in these chair-positions for several years and everyone should thank her for her dedication!

Thank you Blair!


If you’d like to recognize a school volunteer, please send a short blurb and picture to ctespresident@gmail.com 

Subject: "Volunteer Spotlight" 


Thank you for your support!